March Pull + mapping

Two people holding up a tarp filled with weeds in a field

Two volunteers show off our efforts at this month’s pull!

Mapping in March


This month of March has brought life to the kwetlal bulbs under the soil. A perfect time to map out our hard work over the last few months!

Our keen mapping volunteer Corey met Paige to map out the areas that have been targeted for different invasive plants, and do some introductory plant identification on the grassy slopes. With any luck these mapping outings will continue into the summer, and we will be able to see the progress over time on a map as well.

This mapping session was followed by a wonderful pull, and thanks to our carriers transporting the removed plants to the drop off spot.


Hope to see you next month!

 *Posted on March 12 2013

Pile of weeds on a ledge

Broom pile

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