December Pull at Meegan

Dec 2 Pull - three volunteers in a meadow

Volunteers working hard to get some tough broom plants out of the wet December soil

Over the last month we have had some very wet and blustery weather here on the coast, but luckily December 2nd was an exception.

We were even blessed with some rays of sunshine as we pulled broom and ivy from around the oak trees and amongst the snowberry. The rain kept at bay long enough to pull a decent sized pile of invasives with our trusted Community Tool Shed crew, including some new guests.

This has been some positive progress on Meegan as we hope to awaken those dormant Kwetlal seeds and see some more new growth in the spring. To learn more about Kwetlal check out the video with Cheryl here.

Dec 2 Pull

A mix of broom and ivy this month thanks to the fantastic Tool Shed Crew!

And thanks to all those who made it out this month.

The CTS is looking forward to our pull in the new year! In January we may be going to Camas Point for a change of scenery.

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The Community Tool Shed wishes everyone a winter break full of rest and relaxation with family.

See you soon!

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