March Pull + mapping

Mapping in March   This month of March has brought life to the kwetlal bulbs under the soil. A perfect time to map out our hard work over the last few months! Our keen mapping volunteer Corey met Paige to map out the areas that have been targeted for different invasive plants, and do some introductory plant identification on the […]

February 6 – Aboriginal Internship Students Workshop and Pull It was lovely to hear a request for an invasive plant removal workshop and organize an extra pull for a Tool Shed friend Rita. Rita and some fellow Interns from the BC Government Aboriginal Internship Program decided to spend a free afternoon giving back to the land and community – and […]

February 3rd Pull at Meegan

February Pull at Meegan Glorious misty month of February It was a misty afternoon last February with a little sprinkle of rain at the end of the day, but it did not dissuade us from pulling broom for the afternoon. We spent our time focused on the plants with thick underground roots that could not have been removed with a […]

The War on Daphne and Broom!

We covered a lot of ground on Sunday removing daphne and broom at Camas Point. Thank you, to the nine people who came out despite the cold and ice on the ground!   *Posted: January 15th 2013

December Pull at Meegan

Over the last month we have had some very wet and blustery weather here on the coast, but luckily December 2nd was an exception. We were even blessed with some rays of sunshine as we pulled broom and ivy from around the oak trees and amongst the snowberry. The rain kept at bay long enough to pull a decent sized […]

Fall Broom Pull at Meegan

Meegan – November 4th 2012 The cool, moist west coast fall is upon us as the Lekwungen Community Tool Shed crew work hard at Meegan to remove the remaining Scotch broom invasive plants from the Kwetlal meadow. Luckily the sun greeted us in the afternoon and held the rains back long enough for us to pull a great pile of […]

UVic Geography Students Map Invasives

This summer three amazing UVic geography students, Taylor, Emma, and John, volunteered some of their time to help map invasive plant species at the sites the Lekwungen Food Systems project is currently focused on. Thus far the three have managed to map most of the Scotch Broom affecting the Kwetlal (camas) beds in a worksite at Meegan (Beacon Hill Park). […]

Kwetlal Nursery

Last week 50 Kwetlal bulbs were transferred to the IGOV plots in the UVic Campus Community Garden. For now the bulbs are in raised container, once they’ve flowered, they will be transplanted into the larger plots. If anyone would like to help keep invasive plants out of the plot, please contact the group.