Kwetlal (Camas) Flower

Who We Are

The Lekwungen Food Systems (LFS) project aims to reinstate Indigenous food systems and food systems management in the Capital Region District of BC. The project creates awareness about the history and current practices surrounding Indigenous foods with the goal of increasing the number of people involved in removing invasive plants and reinstating indigenous food systems our already stressed, and heavily modified local ecosystems. Additionally the Lekwungen Food Systems project operates with a view towards food sovereignty in the region, ensuring that cultural roles and responsibilities are respected in regards to Indigenous food  systems, while creating opportunities to celebrate food and remember the importance of these systems and the food stuffs they provide.

What We Do

The LFS project creates stronger communities that respect the environment through events that are accessible to all ages, learning styles, incomes, and mobility levels. These events raise awareness and promote practices that support reinstating Indigenous food systems, enhance natural habitats, and enable and create cultural spaces. The belief that healthy and sustainable food systems are integral to building strong communities is a central to the mandate of the project. Different forms of media and communication are utilized towards this end, including presentations, conversations, pit cooks, invasive plant pulls, video, artwork, and hands on learning. Through these activities participants gain a deeper understanding of the impacts to the Kwetlal Food Systems (Garry Oak Ecosystems) and learn sustainable methods towards reinstating and maintaining these systems. In addition, participants learn about their surrounding environments, Indigenous history of the lands and stewardship of food systems, and identification of plants and ecosystems. The unique approach of the LFS project allows people to connect with outdoor spaces and increase their knowledge of the ecological and cultural contexts of the landscapes they inhabit.


Who Participates

The LFS project coordinates learning activities with youth, students, non-Indigenous and Indigenous people to inform and raise awareness about the impacts and history of the decline of food systems, the laws that have impacted these systems and those who maintain them, and the seven major family groups and lands.



The Xaxe Tenew Sacred Land Society

Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group

Indigenous Governance Program, UVic

City of Victoria, Special Project Program